8 Awesome Ideas From Aussie Bloggers You Totally Need to Steal

8 Awesome Ideas From Aussie Bloggers You Totally Need to Steal

The internet is a magical place filled with magical things. Kardashian conspiracy theories, shocking *cough* revelations about a certain Bachelorette contestant (oh hey, Jarrod) and entire dinners cooked in a sandwich press. Wait. What? Dinner cooked in a sandwich press??? Yep, I’ve taken a break from shameless celebrity stalking to bring you the 8 best tips and recipes I’ve discovered from other Aussie bloggers this year.

And the best part? Food, includes coffee and alcohol. Cos legit food groups, right?

From sandwich press chicken, to the crispy golden fried eggs that changed my life. Get ready to be seriously AMAZED!

This Sh&*% is Bananas

Have you spent your entire life thinking the only way you could use up overripe bananas was by making banana bread?

People. You are so WRONG!

Food photographer and stylist extraordinaire Healthy Natty (aka Natalie Zee) has put together a list of 10 awesome things you can cook with bananas.

Hot Tip – banana fudge. Insanely delicious. You need it in your life. That is all.

Image Credit: http://healthynatty.com/10-ways-with-banana/

Leftovers for the Win

If you’re anything like me, that sneaky mid-week pizza means Wednesday night’s stir fry ingredients are still sitting in the fridge. Amiright?

Don’t worry. Busy Mama, personal trainer and muesli entrepreneur, Diana from Body be Well has got us covered with her  Pho Easy – 15 Minute Noodle Soup  It’s made almost entirely using leftovers. And for something that takes literal minutes to make, it’s freaking delicious!

You can grab the super quick and easy recipe over on Diana’s website.

Image Credit:  https://www.bodybewell.com.au/pho-easy-15-minute-noodle-soup/

If at First You Don’t Succeed Fry Fry Again

I seriously lost it over this recipe. Not just a little bit. I lost it a lot.

Vic Yordo’s crispy golden turmeric eggs kept showing up on my Instagram feed, so I thought I’d give them a try and ohmygosh AMAZING!

They are crispy, golden fried egg perfection and you seriously have to try them for yourself. But warning. Be prepared for a new obsession.

Get the easy 3 ingredient recipe over on Vic’s website Natural Nutrition.

Image Credit: http://naturalnutritionblog.blogspot.com.au/

But First, Coffee

One of the easiest ways you can help reduce waste is to get your morning coffee hit in a reusable cup. But since hell hath no fury, like a cup that gets between a woman and her premium coffee experience, you want to make sure you choose the right one.

Enter Vicky from Training for Chocolate. She has put together a list of her 4-favourite reusable coffee cups.

What I absolutely adore about this list is that it is super honest. Vicky has personally tried each cup and fesses up about the good, and not so good stuff.

If you are thinking of taking the plunge (bad coffee pun intended), make sure you check out Vicky’s reusable coffee cup review before you do.

Image Credit: http://trainingforchocolate.com/?s=coffee#sthash.2fog9Dpd.dpbs via www.holycoolnet

A Bit On the Side

When another blogger out quick and easys you. Okay Carly Jacobs. It’s official. You and your ready to serve polenta, got me.

The deal? Ready to serve polenta comes in blocks.  All you need to do is cut the polenta into slices, heat it and wal-lah! Fancy pants side dish is served. Carly…welcome to #teamgenius.

If you struggle getting dinner on the table during the week, this is an awesome hack. You can see exactly how Carly uses polenta in her cooking over on her blog Smaggle.

Image Credit: http://www.smaggle.com/how-to-use-polenta-in-your-cooking/


Okay. Who’s with me? *everyone raises their hand*

Adeline from Eat This Burn That is known for being the meal prep ninja. But now she can add all-round legend to her resume. She invented a 3 ingredient frose recipe. Not only is it refined sugar free. It is made with a $4.99 bottle of Aldi rose.

Be still my beating heart.

Get the recipe for Adeline’s frose here.

Image Credit: https://www.eatthisburnthat.com/blog/how-to-make-frose?rq=frose


Is the weather more hot cocoa and fuzzy socks than frose and flip flops in your part of the world?

It is? Awesome. Because I’ve got something super special for you.

Erin from Dreaming of Almonds, has created a ginger spiced hot chocolate mix (aka, the stuff that winter dreams are made of).

It’s super easy to make, sugar free, but still crazy delicious. And I should know, I lived off Erin’s hot chocolate hugs this winter.

Grab the super simple recipe here. Three words: Winter.Pantry.Essential!

Image Credit: https://dreamingofalmonds.com/2017/04/16/autumn-spiced-hot-chocolate-for-your-next-camping-trip-or-to-keep-in-the-pantry-for-your-next-netflix-binge/


People. This will change your life. Really? I mean. Really Really!!!

One night Beth from BabyMac needed to get dinner on the table fast. Like in 15 minutes. She looked in the fridge and saw chicken, basil, prosciutto and mozzarella. And what happened next was nothing short of brilliant.

Sandwich Press Chicken!

Yep, an entire chicken dinner cooked in the sandwich press. And it worked, it seriously worked!!!

Get Beth’s step by step instructions for cooking sandwich press chicken on her website BabyMac.

Image Credit: http://www.baby-mac.com/2015/03/sandwich-press-chicken-wait-what/

Have you picked up any amazing tips from bloggers this year? I’d love to know what they are so I can add the to my list! Leave a comment to let me know.

P.S Want more easy dinner tips? Grab your FREE quick and easy weeknight dinner plan with 5 awesome 20 minute recipes, right here.


Feature Image Credit:  Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash


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