5 Australian Food and Wellness Bloggers You Will Love

5 Australian Food and Wellness Bloggers You Will Love
Sick of making the same meals every week? When I lose my mojo in the kitchen, I look to the world wide web. Meet the five Australian food and wellness bloggers that I am loving right now.  From sisters doing it for themselves to a lawyer turned health and wellness warrior, be inspired by our home-grown heroes.

Natural Nutrition

Victoria from natural nutrition, is  21 year old nutrition student from Melbourne. She loves
real food, and it shows. Her blog and Instagram feed, are packed full of drool-worthy gluten, dairy and refined sugar free recipes, plus she shares practical tips for staying healthy while studying and holding down a job. She’s definitely one clever gluten free cookie.

If you do anything this year, check out her seriously good salted snickery layer cake, you can thank me later http://naturalnutritionblog.blogspot.com.au

Merry Maker Sisters

Want a bit of sparkle in your life? Say hello to Emma and Carla Papas, the Merry Maker Sisters. With real food recipes and positive mindset advice, these real life sisters promise to help you find your bliss. The Merrymaker Sisters website is one of my favs for quick, healthy and SERIOUSLY delish recipes, served with a side of good vibes!
 Make it merry with the Merry Maker Sisters http://www.themerrymakersisters.com

 Looking for some kitchen inspiration? You will love these 5 Aussie food and wellness bloggers | http://www.youtotallygotthis.com/5-aussie-food-wellness-bloggers-you-will-love/ | #blogger #health
Real Food Healthy Body

Lilian from Real Food Healthy Body is one kick ass health and wellness warrior.  She is a lawyer from Melbourne who recently said goodbye to the corporate world to pursue her love for food, health and fitness. If your looking for quick and easy nutritious meals or healthy desserts Lilian’s got you covered. She also shares tips for healthy living and fitness…like that time she spent a month at a Mauy Thai camp in Thailand – told you she was kick ass!
 Let Lilian show you how to keep it real http://www.rfhb.com.au

Dreaming of Almonds (and a nicer world)

Erin from Dreaming of Almonds is an I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program graduate just like me, except she did the hard yards and brought her husband and two little boys along for the ride.  Dreaming of Almonds (and a nicer world) is a blog about the three things most important to Erin: food, family and wondering about humans. Her blog is loaded with family friendly healthy recipes, with a sprinkle of social commentary…cos when Coles runs out of kale #firstworldproblems

 This healthy Mama with a conscious  is one to watch http://dreamingofalmonds.com

Jessica Sepel

Everyones talking about Jessica Sepel, and her super healthy wedding…complete with organic wine (you can read more about that here). But there is more to Jessica then being the healthiest bride alive. She is a Sydney based nutritionist and wellness coach that wants to put an end to diets…amen sister! Jessica is all about listening to your body and giving it what needs. Her blog is bursting with delicious real food recipes, like nutella bliss bombs…yep I’m pretty sure that’s what my body needs.

So sit back, pour yourself an organic wine and check out Jessica’s blog  http://www.jessicasepel.com

Who are your favourite Australian food and wellness bloggers? Let me know in the comments below.
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