5 Kmart Kitchen Gadgets YOU NEED NOW – And Get Them All For Under $50

5 Kmart Kitchen Gadgets YOU NEED NOW – And Get Them All For Under $50

Hello super cool stuff I can’t afford to buy in real shops. Kmart…I love you. Like really, really love you! Seriously Kmart is so amazing right now. But with so many cool products to choose from, where do you even start? Lucky for you I have scoured the shelves to bring you my absolute favourite Kmart kitchen products. The things I use (almost) every day, because they save time and effort (by the way, that’s adult for stuff you need in your life right now, cos so totally AWESOME!) And the best part? You can buy the whole lot for under $50.

Tip. Run. Don’t walk.

Happy Shopping!

Make the cut

Get ready to Masterchef the sh*&% out of your meals. This is the $19 Kmart kitchen gadget that started it all.  The multi grater, slicer and dicer does it all. I’m talking cuts, grates, peels, dices, slices and juliennes. Seriously prepping veggies has never been easier. Just slide to slice, or push to dice. Look whose making the onions cry now! Plus Instagram game strong, because your veggies will slice perfectly every time. My Poke Bowl. Exhibit A.

You can buy the Kmart Multi Grater Slicer & Dicer here.


Eggactly what you’re looking for

Am I the only one who needs to google ‘how to boil an egg’ EVERY SINGLE TIME! Not anymore. Throw this super cool egg timer in with your eggs and it gradually changes colour as they cook.  It shows you exactly when your eggs are done soft medium or hard. Perfect eggs errrytime. It’s seriously genius, and at $1.50 could just be the most egg-cellent bargain ever!

Check out Kmart’s egg timer here.

Fresh is best

Everyone’s got a sneaky bag of corn chips in the cupboard…amma right? Seal in the crunch with a re-useable bag clip. They are also great for sealing other stuff in packets like oats, pasta and flour (a girls gotta protect her carbs). I have loved these for the longest time, and at Kmart, you can get a pack of 30 for…wait for it…$1.50. At Ikea you’ll pay $1 for a pack of 10…just saying.

Lock the freshness and grab a pack of Kmart’s re-useable bag tips.

Get organised

If you can find anything in your utensil drawer without saying ‘where the $#^&’ stop reading now.  Still looking for the vegetable peeler? Listen up. Kmart has drawer organisers. Yes, they do. And they come in loads of shapes and sizes, plus sahhh cheap.  And the best part. You can handle your utensil drawer like a boss for under $10.

Kmart’s draw organisers come in small, medium and large  or get an 8 piece drawer tidy set for just $7 bucks.

Cover up

Need to cover a pot or pan, but can’t find the lid? Kmart has got you covered (literally) with this universal lid. Yes, a universal lid, it’s an actual thing. I love it, because 1. Food cooks faster when it’s covered 2. There’s less to clean up, cos lids stop splatter (big YAY, cos who likes cleaning?).  Kmart’s universal silicone lid fits any 28cm, 30cm or 32cm pot or pan. And how much for this kitchen investment piece? $10, yep that is all.

Find out more about Kmart’s universal lid here.


Do you love Kmart? What cool Kmart kitchen stuff  (or other awesome stuff) have you picked up in store. Let me know in the comments below.

P.S  I’m not being paid to love Kmart, I really do love Kmart, but if Kmart sends gifts, I will accept.




Image Credit: All images in this post are from Kmart Australia – www.kmart.com.au

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