I Quit Sugar. And What Happened Then was Amazing!

I Quit Sugar. And What Happened Then was Amazing!

Yes, I am one of those woo woos that gave up sugar. It worked for me, but should you quit sugar too? When I quit the sweet stuff I discovered how to cook, my skin cleared up, and I finally won the battle of the bloat. But none of that is why I quit sugar in the first place. In fact, the real reason might surprise you. 

I had a really unhappy relationship with food…

 I used to eat a lot of sugar, and not much else to compensate. Why stop at one piece of chocolate when you can eat the whole family sized block. YOLO, the diet starts tomorrow. I was in a constant cycle of bingeing, starving, bingeing, exercising, starving, bingeing…you get the picture. I knew something was seriously wrong, but I didn’t know how to fix it.

So I tried lots of diets…

Guinness book of records if your reading, I officially tried every diet know to mankind. No carbs, low fat, paleo, low calorie, but none of them worked. The one thing these diets had in common- they restricted the amount of food I could eat. So guess what? If I accidentally (or not so accidentally) ate a piece of bread the binging, starving, exercising, bingeing cycle started up again, until I moved on to the next fad diet. Plus I was hangry ALL OF THE TIME!

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And then I found the Sarah Wilson 8-Week I Quit-Sugar Program

I never thought for one second that I would ever really quit sugar. Why would this diet be any different, plus giving up Mars Bars for the rest of my life, no way never! And you know what, I didn’t find it easy at first. Not because sugar was off limits, but because there was loads of real food, no calorie counting and full fat everything. I became seriously convinced that I was going to stack on the kilos. Basically, I made a pact with myself to stick with it for 4 weeks, and if those scales even moved a centimetre I was done.

So why did I stick with it?

For the first time in my life I did not feel deprived or hungry, because I was eating it all. Pasta, wine, bread more bread, and even sugar once in a while. Quite simply through cutting down sugar and crowding it out with real food, I have found food freedom. Oh plus the scales didn’t move and my skin looks fantastic…just saying. Check out these before and after shots of my skin on the I Quit Sugar website.

Should you quit sugar?

Not everyone should give up sugar, because not everyone needs to. If you can stop at one piece of cake, and are comfortable with your food choices, you are doing great. It was never that way for me. My path to food freedom was quitting sugar. Whether you take that path or some other, one things for sure, there is nothing that will make you happier and healthier than loving food, not fearing it.

If you want to learn more about the program and my experiences I have written about it here and here. I would love to answer your questions about quitting sugar. Hit me up in the comments below.

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This is not a sponsored post, but I do receive a small commission if you purchase any I Quit Sugar products via links in this post. Any commission I receive is really just a bonus, cos I’d tell you about them anyway.

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