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You Totally Got This is the place to come for easy, weeknight meal recipes. I love how niche it is and I know that everything Rani makes really is healthy, delicious, and quick to make. It’s such an empowering place too. Every time I come here I’m like ‘Yeah! I DO totally got this!’ It’s also not fake health, it’s properly low sugar, high veg, the way we’re supposed to eat!

Carly Jacobs

Hey! My name is Rani.

In real life, I’m a lawyer. And wanna know a secret? I DON’T LOVE TO COOK. There. I said it.

Just like you, I want to be in and out of the kitchen ASAP (you know, Netflix to watch, Instagram stalking to do). But, I still want to eat delicious, real food.

That’s why you won’t find any complicated recipes or crazy ingredients on You Totally Got This. Just real food. Real fast.

I’m so excited you stopped by to say hi!

Rani x
Easy Banana Bread Cookies

Easy Banana Bread Cookies

So long banana bread, it is officially the era of the banana bread cookie. Why? Literally, there are SO many whys. Here are just a few: Quick. Banana bread takes 60 minutes to cook. Banana bread cookies? Ready in 25 minutes. *Cue mic drop* Easy. If you can measure and...

Delicious Double Chocolate Granola that is Low in Sugar

Delicious Double Chocolate Granola that is Low in Sugar

I don’t usually do breakfast recipes here at You Totally Got This, but I have decided to make an exception for this Double Chocolate Granola. Because OMG, SO DELICIOUS! The combo of oats, crunchy nuts, coconut and lots and lots of chocolate is so good, you will...

Mexican Rice Bowls | 10 Minute Easy Dinner Recipe

Mexican Rice Bowls | 10 Minute Easy Dinner Recipe

I’m not an expert at many things. But when it comes to incorporating corn chips into my dinner recipes, you are looking at the master. Introducing, Mexican Rice Bowls. The thing I love most about these Mexican Rice Bowls (apart from the corn chips)? So EASY! It’s a...


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“Sometimes you stumble across a new blog and say to yourself “damn this girl is going places!” and that’s exactly what happened with Rani from You Totally Got This.”

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“I love Rani’s approach to super quick meals – quicker than Jaime Oliver’s – that are still easy, healthy and packed with flavour.”

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