They might have you double tapping like crazy, but if you know what’s good for you, stay away. Here are my top picks for the Instagram food trends, ain’t nobody got time for.

1. Avocado Roses

So you know avocados right? Great smashed on toast. Well not anymore, it seems the only way to serve avocados these days is shaped like a rose. Seriously! So how does it work? Just slice half an avocado thinly from end to end, fan out the slices into a straight line and then curl the slices into a spiral until a rose takes shape. Think it sounds easy, think again. There are some epic avocado rose fails doing the rounds of the inter-webs, check out my favourites here. My advice, if anyone asks ‘will you accept this avocado rose’…run.

Mixed salad with spinach,berries and avocado rose with honey mustard dressing - 5 Crazy Instagram Food Trends Ain't Nobody Got Time For

2. Sweet Potato Toast

No bread? No worries. Just slice sweet potato length ways, pop it in your toaster and wallah you have toast. Don’t believe me? Bible, it’s a thing and its taken Instagram by storm. The catch, it takes about 10 minutes longer to cook than regular toast. Ten minutes to cook toast, are you out of your freakin’ mind? Even Kim Kardashian ain’t got time for that!

Sweet Potato Toast

 3.Watermelon pizza

Hands up if you love fruit salad? I hate to break it to you, fruit in a bowl just ain’t going to cut it no more. Enter the newest summer food trend blowing up Instagram, watermelon pizza. Say wah? Yep cut 8 slices of watermelon, arrange them in a circle, and then top them with yoghurt, fresh fruit and your favourite toppers like mint and coconut. I don’t care how delicious it looks, pizza is meant to have cheese, and that’s my last word on the topic of watermelon pizza, ever. But if you’re going to ignore me and try whats shaping up to be one of summers biggest Instagram food trends, theres a recipe for watermelon pizza here.


Watermelon Pizza


 4. Spiralised Everything

The world has gone mad for spiralisers. In case you missed the memo, this nifty kitchen gadget turns vegetables, like zucchini, into noodles. It’s a great idea, especially if your looking for a lighter option to regular pasta, but like everything over on the gram, they didn’t stop at zucchini. Current status, no vegetable is safe, everyone is spiralsing, EVERYTHING! Sure, your vegetables will look super pretty, but if you just stopped faffing around with that spiraliser, you’d have time for more important stuff *insert binge watching Netflix here*. I rest my case.

Spiralized carrot and zucchini noodles on a rustic wooden table - 5 Crazy Instagram Food Trends Ain't Nobody Got Time For

5. Freak smoothies

You know the ones. Thick, delicious, and overflowing right over the top of the glass. Stay away my friends, those freak smoothie lovers have lost their collective minds. Let’s just think about it for a second. You deliberately overfill a glass, lose half of your smoothie, and are left to clean up the mess. Its next level crazy, just saying.

So what are the craziest Instagram food trends you have seen? Have you tried any? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.


Food trends



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