Want to make your life easier? Who doesn’t. Check out these handy must have apps every busy woman needs. They are the exact apps I use to stress less and get organised fast. So make the most of that smart phone, and get downloading now!


Do you have a gazillion loyalty cards, floating around the bottom of your handbag? Stocard to the rescue! Stocard allows you to add all your loyalty cards to its app by taking a simple snap of the barcode. When you’re out shopping, just scan the electronic barcode on your phone to collect your points and discounts. It’s really  that easy. Stockard is even clever enough to know where you are and which card you need. It also provides updates on the latest discounts and offers so you never miss a bargain, and who doesn’t love a bargain?

Why you’ll love it: No more lugging around loyalty cards, I even downsized my purse after downloading Stocard…true story.



Ever see an article or video that you really wanted to check out, but it wasn’t the right time or place? Good news, that man eating a 7-pound burrito, you can put him in your pocket and save him for later. Pocket allows you to save anything from the web on to your phone, tablet or computer, so you can view it offline when there’s no one around to judge, not that there is anything wrong with a man that can eat a 7-pound burrito of course.

Why you’ll love it: Never miss an article or a cute puppy video again (c’mon we all watch them).

Price: Free


If you can remember all your passwords, congratulations you are a genius. For the rest of us, say hello to Dashlane. The New York Times called it ‘life changingly great’ and it really is.  This app allows you to store all your passwords and pins in one place, and it’s super easy to use. You can import your passwords from your web browser, or add them manually as you go. You can even use Dashlane’s customizable password generator to beef up the security of your passwords, and don’t stress about remembering them, because Dashlane does that for you. And if you’re worried about security, don’t be. Dashlane is fully encrypted, and the master password you use to access the app is not stored anywhere (other than in your head). That means if anyone hacks Dashlane’s servers they can’t get access to your account.

Why you’ll love it: Never suffer password panic again.

Price: Free


If you break into a cold sweat, just thinking about tax time then Receipts is for you. The app allows you to add details of your expenses and attach receipts. Come tax time all your receipts will be in one place and you will know exactly what they were for. You can even generate a report of your spending for the year, which makes preparing for your tax return so easy, you might even look forward to that visit to your accountant.

Why you’ll love it: Get your tax refund without the tax time stress.

Price: Free (up to 10 receipts) Pro version $14.99


This app, isn’t free, but it if you love to cook, you won’t know how you lived without Paprika.  Paprika allows you to save recipes from any website into the app. So forget trawling the inter-webs looking for ‘that salad’ recipe you cooked last summer, it will be right there in your very own recipe index. You can search your recipes by name, ingredient or source, and even create your own meal plans and shopping lists. I also use it to save recipes from online programs like the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program, so even after access to the program finishes the recipes are mine forever, without needing to print them out or save a million PDFs. It’s brilliant!

Why you’ll love it: Every recipe you ever need will be at your finger tips.

Price: $7.99

What are your must have apps? Let me know what you think should be on my list of apps every busy woman needs.

5 Must Have Apps

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