Has there been a cyclone? Oh no, its just my kitchen after dinner. If that sounds like you, don’t worry. I’ll have you sitting on the couch watching Netflix in no time. Dinner on the table minus the kitchen chaos, it’s easier than you think. Here are my top 10 easy tips, for cooking without the mess.

Empty your dishwasher

Want to avoid a sky high pile of dishes in the sink? Make sure you empty the dishwasher before you start cooking. That way you can rinse and put the dirty dishes straight in, and make the leaning tower of ‘potsa’ a thing of the past.

Lay it all out on the table

Or in this case, the bench top. Before you start cooking, lay out all the ingredients you need in one spot. This will save you running back and forth to the fridge and pantry, scrambling for ingredients and dropping and spilling things on the way. I once smashed a bottle of soy sauce in a frantic kitchen moment. P.S I am still traumatised.

Prepare your ingredients

Now you’ve got all your ingredients out, get everything ready to go, by chopping and measuring out what you need. Without the pressure of a pot boiling over, things will get done more quickly and you will be less likely to make a mess doing it.

Keep it in the bag

This tip is so simple, but it will seriously change everything. Keep a bowl or plastic bag on the bench top to collect your food scraps. That way all your mess is in one place, and it’s super easy pop in the bin or compost when you’re done. I reuse the bags that my veggies come in, so I’m cooking without the mess and helping the environment as well…winning!

Be flexible

I know I really shouldn’t be getting this excited about a kitchen tool, but flexible cutting boards…AMAZING! After you chop, just bend the board and pour your ingredients straight into the waiting pots and pans. That means no more Houdini veggies, that need to be rescued after sliding down the side of your chopping board. It’s genius!

Sink or swim

Measure your ingredients over the sink. That way if you have a spill it will land in the sink. How’s that for a catch!

Stop the splatter

Hands up, who hates cleaning grease off the stove top? Worst job ever! Easy fixed, just invest in a splatter screen. It rests on top of your fry pan, and stops oil from splattering all over the stove. Less gunk means less elbow grease. Using a microwave? Heat food in a jug or a bowl and place a dinner plate over the top. When your done, just put both in the dishwasher. No mess, no fuss.

Give them a rest

Don’t rest dirty spoons and utensils on the bench top. Find them a home on top of a plate or chopping board that already needs a clean. That way you can avoid stubborn bench top smears and stains, and cut your total cleaning time, with one simple trick.

Use your down time

Waiting 10 minutes for that sauce to simmer? Put that time to good use, and get a jump on the clean up. Transfer some dishes to the dishwasher, wash the chopping board, or put away some ingredients. The more you do now, the less you do later, and that means more time for you!

The eighth wonder of the world…

Step aside Great Pyramids of Giza, there is a new wonder in town and her name is One Pot. When there’s only one pot to cook, there’s only one pot to clean. You’ll wonder why you ever cooked any other way. If you don’t believe me, check out my recipe for healthy one pot lasagne. All you need is a pan, and 30 minutes. It is so seriously good, you will want to cook it tonight.

Have you got any tips for cooking without the mess? I’d love to hear them. Let me know in the comments section below.

How to cook without making a mess



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