Have you checked out the frozen vegetables at the supermarket lately? Whoa girl! The freezer is bringing sexy back. I’m calling it. Frozen veggies are officially A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

From the latest superfoods to delicious healthy sides, the supermarket freezer is packed with cool stuff that will help you land dinner on the table fast.

Worried frozen vegetables aren’t that healthy. Well unless you count oven fries as a vegetable, don’t be! The latest research shows that frozen veggies may be as nutritious as fresh ones. BOOM!

After reading this, you are seriously going to want to head to the supermarket freezer, STAT! And to get you started here are my top 5 frozen veggie picks.

We need to talk about onions

I can pretty much think of 1001 reasons why chopping onions is the worst. Plus, they make you cry (such meanies!).

But get this? You can buy pre-chopped onions. Yep onions, cut and ready to go straight into your favourite dish. Am I the only one that did not know this? It literally made my life.

Chopped Onions - Birds Eye

All hail kale

Got a serious kale crush? Then this is going to blow your mind. Frozen kale. I’m serious.  It’s sitting right there in a box next to the frozen spinach.  SQUEEE!

Full disclosure – I love kale (don’t judge), but cutting out those stems…ugh! Granted total #firstworldproblem, but it is a serious time suck. The good news? Frozen kale is pre-chopped –BIG yay! Plus, it comes in easy to use portions so you can throw it straight into soups, smoothies and healthy muffins!

Kale lovers, I am here to tell you that frozen kale will legit change your life. And if you don’t love kale. You might want to check out this post – 5 Vegetables You Only Thought You Hated. You can learn to love it, promise!

Frozen Chopped Kale - Birds Eye

All the veggies

Take a closer look next time you pick up some frozen peas. There’s heaps of cool stuff sitting alongside the old school frozen vegetables. I’m talking broad beans, broccoli, cauliflower, Asian greens, stir fry mixes, and brussel sprouts. And the best part? They are all pre-cut and ready to throw into soup, curries and stir fries. Seriously, cooking dinner has never been quicker or easier.

Mixed Frozen Vegetables - Birds Eye

Killer side dishes

Ribeye steak on a bed of pearl couscous with chick peas, carrot, peas, spinach, onion, capsicum and a hint of paprika, chilli and cinnamon. How does that sound for dinner? Well duh Rani…totally yum!

What if I told you can have that exact meal on your dinner table in 10 minutes. Seriously 10 minutes, that was not a typo.

Ummm….shut the front door?!!

It’s all thanks to Birds Eye Steam fresh Plus. They’ve released a range of delicious sides that come in steam bags. Just 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the microwave and they’re done.  Legit, as easy as making cereal for dinner BUT definitely healthier.

Steam Fresh Plus Frozen Vegetables – Birds Eye

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes

Hands up who loves potatoes. Okay exactly what I thought.  That’s EVERYONE!  Potatoes are life, but I don’t use them in my recipes. They just take too long to cook. I know – boo!

Well, not anymore. Potatoes are officially back on the weeknight menu. Just grab yourself a bag of frozen Birds Eye Baby Potatoes in Buttery Herb Sauce and you are minutes away from total YUM.

They work exactly the same way as the steam fresh sides. Just a few minutes in the microwave and you’ve got yourself ready to eat potatoes. Oh, and in case you are wondering, totally delicious, but kind of dangerous. Lucky there’s two serves of veggies in every pack.

Steam Fresh Frozen Baby Potatoes – Birds Eye


What frozen vegetables do you use? And was I really the only one in the world who didn’t know about frozen chopped onions?  Let me know in the comments section below.

P.S This post is not sponsored by Bird Eye. These are totally the frozen vegetables I use and love when I’m in a hurry and need some extra help in the kitchen.

P.S.S Want to know exactly how to cook dinner every night in 20 minutes or less. Download my FREE 5 day dinner plan here. You will love it!


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