I love grocery shopping, said no one ever! It always seems to take longer and cost more than it should. But all that is about to change. I’ve got 6 totally awesome tips that will up your grocery game forever.  Get your grocery shopping done fast, with a few easy tricks… in fact you won’t believe how simple it is!

1. Make a list, but with a twist

It’s no surprise that making a list will speed up your shop (thank you Captain obvious), but did you know you can save even more time by dividing your list into categories? Yep, group your groceries together based on their location in the supermarket, and you’ll never have to dash back through the store when you get to the freezer aisle and remember you’ve forgotten the bread – doh!

2. Now you have a list stick to it

The longer you stay, the more stuff you’ll buy, and those sneaky supermarkets know it. It’s no accident popping into the supermarket for some milk can take an hour. Essentials are deliberately located near the back of the store, so you will be tempted to fill your basket with all those goodies screaming ‘buy me’ along the way.  Luckily it’s totally easy to outwit the supermarkets. Just stick to your list and go to the checkout, go directly to the checkout. Do not pass the chips. Do not collect the Cadbury. Trust me, you will speed up your shop, and won’t leave with a trolley full of things you could do without (hello, limited edition virgin espresso martini Tim Tams).

3. Check the time

The time you shop could make a big difference, to the total time you spend at the supermarket. Has anyone been to the deli at 9am Saturday morning? It’s harder to get a slice of ham than Adele tickets. Research has shown the busiest time to shop on any day is between 8 and 11am, except on Sunday when people are more likely to grab their groceries between 1 and 5pm. And the busiest grocery shopping day of all? Yep that award goes to Saturday. My advice, shop outside these times if you can.

Want to know more about the best and worst times to do your shopping, read what the experts have to say here.

4. Make fruit and veggies your last stop

Ever notice that fresh fruit and veggies are located at the front of the store? That’s because people who buy produce spend more time and money doing their groceries. Apparently, it’s a psychological. The colour and smell of fresh produce puts you in a good mood and makes you want to spend more time and money in the store. I know, who knew? Beat those sneaky supermarkets at their own game, by making the produce section your final stop instead of your first. One simple change, could make a big difference to the time it takes to do your shop.

5. Plug In

Your not going to hear any booty shaking tunes in the supermarket. Supermarkets go for slow gentle tracks, aimed at making you feel warm and fuzzy. It’s all about keeping you relaxed so you will schlep along the aisles and spend more cash. The answer? Pop in your ear phones, turn up the tunes, and let Beyonce help you get your shopping done faster. Let’s show the supermarket bosses who runs the world…GIRLS.

6. Go Online

The fastest way to shop? Order your groceries online and have them delivered to your door. Don’t like the thought of someone else picking your fresh produce? Order your pantry staples and household items online and head down to your local green grocer to grab your produce. You’ll still cut your total shop time by half and be supporting your local retailers – big yay for that! And here’s a tip, book a delivery slot early in the day so you are not impacted by any delays that might build up during the day.

Do you have any tips for doing your grocery shopping done fast? I’d love to hear about them! Hit me up in the comments section below.

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