Step away from that takeout menu. With these 5 tips you are guaranteed to land a healthy meal on the table every night. Healthy and delicious weeknight meals – You totally got this!

1. Like a girl scout be prepared

Okay cue *eye roll*. I know you’ve heard it before, but if you can plan your weekday meals and do your shopping all in one hit it will change your life.   Here at You Totally Got This HQ I drag out the cookbooks Saturday morning, make our list and head to the local shops after brekkie. If it’s in your fridge your more likely to eat it. It works…I promise.

2. Don’t over commit 

Leave the Heston gastronomy for the weekend, it needs to be quick and easy. I have a 30 minute rule for healthy and delicious weeknight meals. Think pasta, salads and burgers. You can even make things easier by doing some prep ahead of time. Spend half an hour on Sunday, chopping vegetables, making sauces like bolognese or pesto, or prepping meat for Monday nights dinner. With less than 30 minutes prep on Sunday, you can guarantee 5 20 minute weeknight meal. Seriously!

3. Freeze Louise 

If you have a frozen phobia, embrace your inner Elsa and let it go!  Freezing doesn’t damage food, it actually preserves vitamins and minerals. Make soup, curry and casseroles in bulk and freeze them for  healthy meals in minutes. Want fried rice in a flash? Freeze meal sized portions of rice in zip lock bags. And my favourite freezer hack of all…par cook and freeze vegetables. When you need them, just dunk them in boiling water and they are cooked…it’s vegtastic.  You can get the low down on how to par cook vegetables here. Plus don’t forget to check out our post on all the surprising things you can freeze, it will blow your mind!

4. Get Inspired 

Dust off your cookbooks, make friends with Instagram and Pintrest , or just search the the inter webs. You will be surprised how many quick and easy recipes there are for you to try, like this collection of 30 minute meals on – 30 minute frying pan lasagne, I’m not even kidding!

5. The slow cooker is your friend 

Think that pulled pork sliders are out of reach on a weeknight…think again.  With a slow cooker, just about anything is possible. Just dump all the ingredients in your slow cooker the night before, leave the insert in the fridge overnight, pull it back in the morning, and then set and forget. Not only is slow cooking super nutritious because it preserves the minerals and enzymes in the meat,  it also means that you can cook big cuts of meat and freeze the meat for more quick and easy meals. So just like that, your pulled pork sliders one week become pulled pork tacos next week. It’s nothing less than genius.

Do you have any tips for healthy and delicious weeknight meals? I would love to hear all about them in the comments below!
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