I love my freezer stash here at You Totally Got This HQ. Having a fully stocked freezer helps me get a healthy meal on the table every night in next to no time. And I don’t mean boring frozen veggies and leftovers either. You’ll be amazed by this list of surprising things you can freeze. But be warned, it may lead to a freezing frenzy!

Cooked Rice

I know, who would have thought? Store one cup portions in zip lock bags in the freezer. It only takes a few minutes to defrost in the microwave, so you can have rice ready quicker than you can say ‘Chinese takeout’. This works really well for other grains and seeds to, like quinoa and buckwheat.


In the unlikely event of leftover wine, pour it into an ice cube tray and stick it in the freezer. It will save you opening a bottle of wine just to add a dash to that stew or risotto, plus your liver will thank me – your welcome!


Put those sad looking lemons out of their misery. Pop them in a sealed bag and store them them in the freezer until you need them. To defrost just soak the lemon in cold water for 10 minutes, and then juice or zest as normal. This works really well for oranges and limes as well, I know I know citrus self down!


I am absolutely serious you can freeze cake. Cut your leftover cake into slices and freeze individual portions in zip lock bags. Just defrost in the fridge, or zap in the microwave for an anytime sweet treat, that’s literally a piece of cake! And we can vouch for it. My freezer is full of this delicious sugar free chocolate pudding.

Coconut Milk

What do you do with the rest of that open tin of coconut milk? Freeze it of course. I like to freeze coconut milk in 1/2 cup portions to throw into the pot for an extra creamy soup or curry, or pop into the blender with fruit for a thick and delicious dairy free smoothie.


Don’t throw out those leftover herbs. Chop them up, put them in ice cube trays and cover with water. Next time you want to boost a dish, just add a cube to the pan for fabulous flavour in a flash!


There is no excuse for letting that leftover block of mozzarella go mouldy in the fridge. Grate it and pop it in the freezer in a sealed bag or container. You can bake or grill it straight out of the freezer, or defrost it in the fridge overnight, easy cheesy!


Have you got some yoghurt that’s close to its use by date? Step away from the trash can and freeze it instead. Just add a scoop to the blender with milk and berries for a smoothie, enjoy a fro-yo treat after dinner or make my super yummy berry yoghurt pops. You can get the recipe here.

Berry Yoghurt Pops Sugar Free

We would love to hear about all the weird and wonderful things you have in your freezer? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Foods you can freeze



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